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10 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips to Help Green Your Vacation

10 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips to Help Green Your Vacation

Here is a topic that came up recently -- Maintaining Eco-friendly habits while traveling. Admittedly, it can be challenging. So, this week at Modern Kids Design, we're thinking about vacation and ways to make it a little bit more green if we can. With a little preparation, though, you can keep up your green style while enjoying your vacation. Here are some ways you can remain eco-conscious away from home.

Before You Leave

Curb Ghost Power: Whether you’re hopping on a plane or hitting the road, make sure to unplug your electronics before leaving on vacation. This will reduce your power usage. If you want to have a light on in your house in the evenings for safety, spring for a timer that will only turn on the light at certain times.

Pack Lightly: It takes less fuel to transport lighter items. By keeping your suitcases lighter, you’ll use fewer resources, whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or car...


Air Travel: Less fuel is used for a nonstop flight as opposed to a flight with connections. When booking your flight, look for the fewest number of stops if you can’t find a nonstop flight to your destination.

On the Road: If you’re opting for a classic road trip, make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge. Check your tire air pressure and oil gauge and make any adjustments so that your car is in optimal condition for the trek. Remove anything unnecessary from your vehicle as extra weight will affect your gas mileage.

While You’re There: Rather than relying on a rental car for transportation, why not rent some bikes or get in some nice walks? Take a look at bus and subway schedules to take advantage of area public transit. If a rental car is a must-have, opt for a hybrid or other eco-friendly model.


Find an Eco-Friendly Hotel: More hotels are going green, which is great for the eco-conscious traveler. Check with iStayGreen to find Green hotels at your destination or call up any prospective hotels to see what conservation actions they take to reduce their footprints. Many hotels are beginning to cut back on waste, whether its tiny shampoo bottles or excess water use. While you’re at your hotel, treat it as you would your home. Reuse towels and unplug unused electronics.

Follow the Scout’s Motto: If you’re planning on camping, make sure you take a bag for storing your recyclables and always do your best to leave the site better than you found it. 

While You’re There

Enjoy Local Fare: You’re in a new place! Why not find the local farmer’s market to explore the yumminess that is native to the area? Check for restaurants that feature local foods for even more variety and culinary delight.

Look For Blue Bins: Keep an eye out for recycling bins. If you don’t find any, keep your recyclables in a bag and check an area supermarket for a bin. Many supermarkets have recycling bins for plastic bags, cans, bottles, and sometimes even batteries.

Minimize Your Trash: When buying snacks, opt for larger portions that you can dole out rather than individual sized portions that generation more trash. And don’t forget to bring your reusable water bottle and glass straw to reduce waste!

Staying green is getting easier and easier! With a little commitment, you can make this year’s getaway your greenest vacation yet. We hope you and your family enjoy your adventures this summer!  And we hope you enjoyed these tips. As always, thanks for reading!