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3 Father’s Day Experience Gift Ideas!

3 Father’s Day Experience Gift Ideas!

If you follow this blog, you know that at Modern Kids Design, we love experience gifts. Father’s Day is no exception. Perfectly situated in June when (hopefully) the sun is shining and everyone is ready to enjoy summer, it’s a great time for families to do something together. All of us on TeamMKD really like the idea of giving “experience gifts.” One reason for this is that while we enjoy buying thoughtful gifts for dad, sharing an experience is a  way of offering a unique gift that can be transformed into some pretty magical memories. So before the kids determine if dad, grandpa, or Uncle Pete needs a new tie for Father’s Day, why not run a few of these gift ideas  past them?

Build a Planter

Dad has had a major role in helping grow some cool kids, so why not work together to grow something else? Building a small box planter can be a fun DIY project that gets everyone involved. Present dad with some materials and plans and see what magic can happen before dinner. Maybe even try to grow some of dad’s favorite veggies for a future salad. Building and planting together can be a wonderful experience for the kids and it will lead to something that can be enjoyed year after year.

Plan a Nostalgic Movie Night

Is it finally time to share E.T. with the kids or to welcome them into the Star Wars fandom? Recently, we started making our way through the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why not have a themed movie night and share dad’s favorite kid-friendly movie and some special snacks? Present dad with a homemade ticket for the show and don’t forget to have his favorite treats and drinks on hand!

Spend Time Outdoors

Kayaking, hiking, bird watching—depending on where you live, there may be some great opportunities for exploring outside. Take dad on an adventure and see where it leads you! Some state parks have kayak rentals, while nature preserves may offer educational hikes or bird watching groups. Some nature groups even have foraging adventures that help participants learn about safe forest edibles! Once you find a suitable activity near you, make a themed card to share your plans. Even large cities have green spaces that allow for biking, a quick game of soccer, and other fun activities.

Live by the coast (or happen to be vacationing beachside for Father’s Day)? If you’re lucky enough to be by the shore, why not challenge dad to a sand castle building challenge? Gift him with a pail and shovel and a funny note to fill him in on the plan.

Father’s Day doesn’t have to be all ties and mugs. Share some quality time together with these fun experienced-based gifts that won’t fade or break any time soon. As always, thanks for reading and, of course,  if you're a dad yourself,  Happy Father's Day!