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3 Self-Care Tips for May and Mother’s Day

3 Self-Care Tips for May and Mother’s Day

Indeed…we've got a theme going. This is another self-care post. Being parents, here at Modern Kids Design, we know first-hand what it means to put ourselves on the back-burner. This Mother’s Day, while your family shows you just how much they appreciate everything you do, why not give yourself a little present, too? As a crucial part of your family unit, you’re not just nurturing and supporting your children, you’re providing them with an amazing example of what’s possible. By committing to your long-term health, you’re setting a great example for your kids and helping ensure you’ll be around and healthy for as long as possible...

As we get older, our needs and abilities change. We may not be able to run as quickly, eat whatever we want, or even sleep as easily. Plus, the things that can zap our energy also tend to age us. Stress, poor eating habits, and lack of sleep can leave us groggy and unprepared to face the day and all its opportunities.

Making a positive intention to focus on healthy aging and your continued well-being provides a great example of health for your children and helps keep you an active participant in their lives! Here are three ways you can affect your health and ensure you’re aging healthily.

Ease the Overwhelm

Stress isn’t something that goes away on its own. It’s something we need to learn to manage and deal with so we can accomplish the things we want. Having a way to consistently manage our stress can help us deal with anything that may arise in our day. Two practices we've found to be extremely beneficial are Yoga and Meditation.

A Yoga practice can help you release tension from your body while building flexibility—an important measure of fitness. It’s easy on the joints and can be a long-lasting fitness routine that also helps you to remain centered.

The benefits of meditation are clear and supported by scientific research. With a variety of techniques available, those interested can easily start learning about mindfulness, transcendental meditation, Zen meditation and other practice types. Meditation allows us to better know our own minds and can help us make better decisions in the moment, regulate our emotions, get more restful sleep, and reduce the impact of stress on our lives.

Eat Foods with Anti-Aging Benefits

The most beneficial way to get your vitamins is through your food, and there are some vitamins that are renown for their anti-aging powers. These 5 vitamins and minerals can help keep your body strong.

  • Calcium (yogurt, almond, kale, broccoli, tofu)
  • Vitamin D (salmon, cheese, eggs)
  • B6 (fish, whole grains, tofu, eggs, peanuts)
  • B12 (salmon, tuna, sardines, soy milk, yogurt, eggs)
  • Magnesium (tofu, spinach, bananas, almonds, avocados)

Enjoy Your Sleep

In addition to tying to enjoy your sleep, value it and schedule it! Yep, try and schedule your sleep.  There are a variety of reasons Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. Whether you’re doing things around the house, enjoying your Netflix queue, or just getting in some “me” time, staying up too late too often can wreak havoc on your body and mood. To get enough sleep, why not set a reminder to start getting ready for bed? If you know how long your bedtime routine takes and how long it typically takes you to fall asleep, you can work backward from when your morning alarm goes off to determine what would be a good time to wind down every day. This will become easier with time, and you’ll be surprised at just how much you can fit into a day when you’re well rested!

By prioritizing self-care and even having a focus on healthy aging, you can continue to do the things you enjoy for longer—whether that’s hiking, swimming, or just reading with your kids. Okay, that’s it for now. As always, thanks for reading and we hope you have a great Mother’s Day!