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4 Tips for Greening Your Toddler's Room

4 Tips for Greening Your Toddler's Room

Is your little one heading into the toddler stage? This week at Modern Kids Design, we share Part 2 of our Green Your Kids Room Series. Each week, we are covering a different stage. Toddlers are explorers by nature. They are inquisitive, creative, and really curious about anything and everything their sweet little fingers can touch. To help ensure that they can safely enjoy exploring their environment, it’s a good idea to create a nice, green space for them.

As you’re looking for eco-friendly products that match the colorful personally if your sweet little one, keep an eye out for water-based paints, plant-based dyes, natural fibers (like cotton, linen, etc.), sustainably harvested wood, etc. Toys, furniture, and decor that can be used throughout various life stages or passed on to younger siblings aren’t just a good financial investment, they also help the planet by reducing waste.

If you are curious about the photo, as you know, we love Nook  products for kids (and adults too for that matter) and are featuring them again this week.

Here are four great ideas for greening your toddler’s room...

  1. Air Purifier ‒ What your child breathes is always important. Purchase an air purifier with a HEPA filter to remove airborne particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke. Some purifiers even sport germicidal UV lights to target viruses and bacteria. There are great choices in kid-friendly designs, such as animals, with features you’ll love, such as auto shut-off when tipped over and low-noise settings. And don’t forget to open a window and let the fresh air in!

    2. Rugs ‒ Carpet off-gassing of chemicals (such as formaldehyde) is an issue when your toddler spends his or her time on the floor playing and exploring. Over wood, tile, or natural linoleum floor, use rugs that are made of natural fibers and materials, such as organic woven cotton, non-pesticide-treated wool, jute, sisal, or even seagrass. Wool is not only sustainable, it’s especially long-lasting, naturally fire retardant, and soft for your toddler.

    3. Bedding ‒ As with your baby, if you can, try to ensure that the sheets your toddler is snuggling into each night are organic. At this age, your child can also enjoy an all-natural pillow with an organic-cotton case and a comforter. Look for low-impact, responsibly dyed colors or entirely unbleached and undyed. Wash them in fragrance-free, phosphate-free laundry detergent and add a little essential oil in your toddler’s favorite fragrance, such as lavender or rose geranium, for a healthy, peaceful night’s sleep.

    4. Solid Wood Furniture ‒ Consider looking for furniture that is made from solid wood that has been sustainably harvested. It will last longer than manufactured or pressed wood. So in the spirit of green living, look for a timeless dresser for a toddler that can last through his or her teen years, cutting down on waste. Additionally, unlike solid wood, pressed wood is often made from formaldehyde glue and it can off-gas as well. Keep in mind that if furniture smells, you may want to look into it and consider avoiding it if the reason behind it is not acceptable to you.

Remember to also use non-toxic, plant-based cleaning products to keep the germs at bay. This will also improve air quality in your toddler’s room.  As always, thanks for reading and Happy Greening!