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4 Ways to Green Your Halloween

4 Ways to Green Your Halloween

We're always thinking of ways to green the holidays at Modern Kids Design and Halloween's  no exception. Its popularity continues to grow year after year. And no wonder. For kids, getting dressed and collecting candy for their efforts is pretty cool. There’s the excitement of pretending to be someone or something else and the magic and anticipation of treats. For parents, watching the joy on our kids’ faces and helping them enjoy the wonder of trying on different personas and occupations is pretty fun, too.

Looking for ways to make this popular celebration more eco? If so, here are 4 ways you can reduce your Halloween impact and have a green holiday.

DIY Decorations and Costumes

Going DIY is pretty green. Using items you have to create decorations and costumes reduces the waste of one-time use decorations.

For decorations, keep cardboard and other reusable materials to transform them into ghoulish showstoppers. Pinterest is full of lots of fun ideas, from toilet roll bats and fake tombstones to spooky Halloween trees made from collected branches.

And if you do decide to purchase decorations, make sure to store them well for the following year. This reduces waste.

For costumes, keep old clothing that can be transformed or seek out treasures at your local thrift shop. Create a robot costume from cardboard or transform your toddler into a bat with some old black tees and a needle and thread.

Local Pumpkins

Make the most of your pumpkins. After picking one up at your local farm or farmer’s market and scooping out the innards for carving, make sure to toast up some yummy pumpkin seeds for snacking! After Halloween, your jack-o-lanterns can be added to your compost bin and used to nourish your gardens next year.

Better Treats

When looking for treats to give out or for a party, find items that are minimally packaged and that use sustainably-sourced ingredients. More places are carrying organic sweets that are a slightly better alternative to their more sugary and additive laden counterparts.

This year, we’ve also noticed a push toward allergy-friendly treats with stores carrying lists and promoting items that don’t have certain ingredients such as peanuts or dairy. Keep an eye out for common food allergens and look for alternatives to ensure everyone has a great Halloween.


If you have little ones that enjoy trick-or-treating, plan to go on foot (or take a wagon, if necessary) rather than driving to a different place, thus cutting down on car emissions. Also, take along a bucket or pillowcase rather than buying a one-time-use bag.

There are plenty of ways to make Halloween more environmentally friendly. Feel free to reach out and share yours or let us know what you'd like to read about on the blog. As always, thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!