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7 Ways To Eat Your Greens

7 Ways To Eat Your Greens

Time flies! It's hard to believe March is here. As you know, if you follow this blog, at Modern Kids Design we like to write about celebrating the holidays in an earth-friendly way. This month, we're thinking about St. Patrick's Day and we’re thinking about green, as in the color! We’re hoping to not just wear our green but to eat it too. For kicks, we invite you to consider celebrating this St. Patrick’s Day with a medley of green foods that are good for you and your family! Eating green could be a fun and healthy way to avoid getting pinched. :- ) 

Here’s a yummy menu to get you started, plus some alternatives (and tips) for picky eaters...

A Lucky Green Breakfast

Whether you prefer to drink your breakfast or sit down to a fresh feast, these options will help give you and your family the fuel you need to power through the day.

Start the day with a ginger kale smoothie, some avocado toast, or a spinach omelet! To make the omelet, beat some eggs (2 for one person, add more to feed others!), add a dash of salt, some parmesan, and a cup (or more if you have several eggs) of chopped baby spinach leaves. Cook as you normally would and season to taste! Yum!

Colorful Snacks

Make sure to stay sated and keep your energy levels high with these yummy green snacks.

Keep it simple with a Granny Smith apple or a delightful kiwi. Transform the kiwi into a fruit salad with berries and green grapes for some added fun. Looking to be more adventurous? Why not try an avocado lime hummus?

Leprechaun's Lunch

Cabbage and corned beef are traditional fare on March 17th. Why not experiment with a cabbage salad? And open-face sandwich with a heaping of greens and slivers of roast beef can also call to mind the traditional.

Zesty Dinner

Zucchini noodles with a vegetable-rich pasta sauce will go great with a leafy salad!

Alternatively, you can create a rich, green pesto to add to some pasta. For something more sophisticated, why not try this Farfalle with Zucchini and Parsley Almond Pesto?

Planning or a roast? Add a side of creamed spinach for some extra green on your table.

Sipping Green

There’s no shortage of green drinks! From green tea and matcha, to green juice, green kombucha, and limeade, there are plenty of beverages to keep you hydrated. Be sure to check out our healthy green juice recipes too!

Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow — Dessert

There are plenty of green desserts, but many rely on green dye to get their distinctive color. If you’d like to skip the coloring in mint chocolate chip ice cream, for example, look for a variety that uses natural mint. You’ll still get real mint flavor but without the artificial coloring. Pistachio ice cream and green tea ice cream are also delicious green-themed treats!

Looking for something slightly fancier? Why not try some green tea mochi or pistachio macarons? Both are delicious bite-sized treats that feature unexpected ingredients. The outside of mochi is made from rice flour, while macarons feature almond flour.

Going green is important and we love finding ways to make it fun. We hope you’re able to make some delicious green treats for your family as you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! As always, feel free to shoot us an email and let us know what you think about the post, what you'd like to read about and, of course, what you'd like to see in the store. Thanks for reading and Happy St. Patrick's day....a little early :-)