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Celebrating World Water Day

Celebrating World Water Day

World Water Day aims to draw attention to the importance of fresh water, the sustainable management of it and, of course, the plight of those who live without safe water. Did you know that currently 663 million people are forced to seek safe water far from home? Many are traveling long distances and waiting in lines for something that we all need in order to survive. To be honest, at Modern Kids Design, we were a little surprised to say the least by the staggering number. Celebrated annually on March 22nd, World Water Day is all about encouraging action to help ensure more people get access to safe water. Each year there is a new theme. This year, the theme is wastewater.

Wastewater - Problems and Solutions

Our world population is growing and more and more people rely on our natural resources for their basic needs. The demand for clean water is expected to grow by about 50% by 2030—that’s just 13 years from now. Reusing wastewater can help meet some of that demand and ensure that more people have safe water to drink.

When wastewater that can be reused ends up in the sewers, it allows valuable nutrients to get mixed in with unusable water. While more treatment plants are dealing with this wastewater, there aren’t enough to support the needs of a quickly growing population. By failing to reclaim usable wastewater, also called greywater, we’re allowing a valuable resource to slip right through our fingers.


One way to reduce wastewater and conserve water is to reuse water. Yes, it really is that simple! Implementing a greywater system that pipes out water from your sink, tub, or washing machine to your garden is one way to lessen the impact of wastewater. While it's not a feasible solution for everyone, it is something to be aware of for those who can implement it. Having a greywater system installed can be expensive, but it is worthwhile.

For those who don’t use bleach or boron while mopping their floors, pouring out water outside can help reduce water waste. You can also easily collect water that has been used to rinse vegetables or fruit in a pot and use it to water indoor plants. And, if you have extra water in a cup or humidifier that needs to be emptied out, consider emptying it in your garden or use the leftover water for indoor plants.

Rainwater collection is another popular method of conserving water. By using rainwater to water your garden or lawn, you reduce your water consumption and save treated water for drinking and cooking.

Consider Making a Pledge this World Water Day

Water is an amazing substance. It covers so much of our world and composes a percentage of our own bodies. Without it, life as we know it would not exist, so why not make a commitment to conserve a little more water? From using water-conserving appliances to turning off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth, there are hundreds of ways we can all lessen our impact. it's worth doing a quick search to find ways to conserve that might work for your family.

When we were looking for water-related pictures for this post, we ultimately settled on one of our Yosemite camping pictures. It took all one second to realize just how blessed we are and how important World Water Day is. As always, thanks for reading.