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Back to School with Tegu

Back to School with Tegu

It's hard to believe that the back to school season has begun. It's also hard to believe that this year, given the panedmic, it is going to be different for everyone around the country and around the world. So, this week at Modern Kids Design, we're sharing part one of a post from our blog archives about Tegu Blocks. We love that in the words of the company "Tegu Blocks were born in the classroon."  Tegu is the story of a toy company with a great social mission  that can be described as building blocks for a better tomorrow...  

One of the many things we love about Tegu is that socially responsible manufacturing is a core company value and they practice it admirably. Their blocks are manufactured in Honduras, but more on this later. Mostly, they are known for their lovely magnetic wooden blocks. While children’s toys may have changed over the years from simple to the complex, building blocks remain a child’s favorite. And playing with Tegu blocks is a pleasure. They've created beautiful, ecologically constructed building blocks and are now in the process of expanding their line even more.  It is a magnetic building system that has taken the simplicity of building blocks and transformed it to ignite the potential of every child’s imagination to its fullest.

Build a giraffe, a crane, a bridge or a skyline – the possibilities are endless. The natural dyed shades of green, blue, yellow and pink coupled with the smooth textured Honduran hardwood invite every child to explore the unexplored. The embedded magnetic system challenges a child to construct complex designs inspired by the mere innovative feel of the blocks.

Produced with 100 percent non-toxic, water-based dyes and rigorously tested to meet the strict CPSIA and EN standards, Tegu leaves no footprint behind in their effort to preserve the environment for the children of today and tomorrow.

An independent toy factory located just outside its namesake town of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Tegu brings prosperity and hope to a country stricken by poverty. Tegu pays their employees a living wage and pushes long-term career growth and development for their workers. Tegu works alongside a Honduran cooperative that individually handpicks each mature tree for production, facilitating the Honduras forest’s natural regeneration cycle.

An added plus, with each toy set sold, Tegu donates a portion of revenue for replanting efforts to support reforestation. And for children, Tegu partners with a local school to help send children to back to the classroom.

What better way to inspire creativity than through the thoughtfully manufactured Tegu tools of play? Through promoting innovative play, Tegu reaches far beyond the imagination of a child – At Modern Kids Design, we find them very inspiring and can’t help but think about the possibilities that we too can embark upon to promote eco-friendly practices and initiatives.  Check back soon for part two - yup, we've got more to share about this lovely company. As always, thanks for reading and, if you have feedback, feel free to reach out We enjoy hearing from you!