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Green Your School Bag!

Green Your School Bag!

At Modern Kids Design, we're getting ready for fall!  It’s that time of year when the smell of pencils and new school supplies fill the air but, before you take a look at that supply list, take a peak at these awesome accessories and toys to make school just a tad cooler. And while you're at it, click HERE to check out our Back to School Sale! Enter Code: SCHOOL17 at Checkout and get 20% off!

Here is a quick “Meet the Makers” round-up to help you get to know a little bit more about some of the brands that will help you keep your kids in Eco-friendly style:

SoYoung Cooler Bags and Backpacks

SoYoung is in the business of cool. From hip diaper bags and backpacks to fun lunch bags, SoYoung features simple, artistic designs that stand up to time. Backpacks feature linen outers and nylon interiors with plenty of pockets for the interiors. Lunch bags feature coated linen exteriors that can easily be wiped down and insulated insert to keep your child’s lunch the right temperature.

S'well Water Bottles

Hydration is important, especially when you’re running laps in PE or testing that math knowledge. S’well bottles are a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles. Their focus on stylish alternatives to plastic has helped create a brand known for its original and funky designs. S’well uses double-walled stainless steel to ensure beverages stay cold or hot, whichever you need.

Strawesome Glass Straw Sets

If you’ve ever been in a school lunchroom, you know there’s a lot of waste. While some schools recycle, there are still plenty of things that can’t be thrown in the blue bin. Straws—from milks and juice boxes—aren’t recyclable. That’s why Strawesome is committed to making cool glass straws that you can take with you anywhere you’d like to sip. Strawesome glass straws are handcrafted in the US and come in funky shades and designs so you can sip in style and be eco-friendly, too.

Ecojot Notebooks

Ecojot was started by a brother and sister team in Canada. Using recycled paper, vegetable dyes, and sustainably sourced kraft board, Ecojot creates beautiful notebooks and planners to help you spell out your big ideas and dream beautifully. Carolyn Gavin creates the fun artwork that graces each piece. No one said that you had to take notes in a boring notebook. Make learning fun—and eco-friendly—with Ecojot notebooks.

Tegu Blocks

Just because school is back in session doesn’t mean the play ever stops. Children learn through play. Ensuring they have the best tools to bolster their creativity and encourage growth keeps everyone happy. Tegu understands the need for imaginative play and encourages children to test their imaginations with magnetized wooden blocks in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Made with eco-friendly wood and dyes by a socially-responsible company, Tegu blocks are long-lasting and sure to spark creativity. The sky's the limit (or the depths of the ocean, or the reaches of the universe) when your budding architect/marine biologist/astronauts begins to craft their next project.

Back to school is an exciting time. A whole new adventure awaits! Make sure you and your family are set up for success with eco-friendly goodies that make life more enjoyable. As always, feel free to reach out at and let us know what you’d like us to carry in the store and read about on the blog. Thanks for reading!