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Helping Your Teen Go Green? Here are 4 Tips

Helping Your Teen Go Green? Here are 4 Tips

This week on the Modern Kids Design blog, we've got part four of our Green Your Room series and we share four tips for helping your teen green his or her room. The teenage years are full of change. As teenagers grapple with their changing bodies and navigate their way through middle school and high school, they are often keen to express themselves. And what safer place to do this than at home?

Working with your teen to create an eco-friendly room that suits their style can be a wonderful way to learn more about them and to provide them with a sense of control in their lives. Bonding over no-VOC paint and funky throw pillows is totally possible! Here are some tips to help you get started creating a green room with your cool teen.

  1. Air Purifier with Ionizer ‒ You’ve long ago tossed out the wireless baby monitor, but your teen probably has more than one wireless device lurking in his or her room: a Wi-Fi router and laptop, wireless radio, even a wireless alarm clock. It may not be easy but consider replacing wireless devices with those that plug in, and you’ll reduce the excess electrical energy in his or her room, which could potentially affect your teen’s mood, health, and overall well-being. Then consider buying an air purifier with an ionizer that can help reduce EMFs (electromagnetic field pollutants).

    2. Surge Protection Power Strip ‒ Your teen can become a conservation expert with a useful power strip or two. Have your teen turn off his or her phone and PC or laptop at night, and then turn off all TVs, stereos, and other appliances with the flick of a switch. If you’re purchasing a new appliance for your teen’s room, choose one with Energy Star certification—better for your teen and better for the environment.

    3. CFLs ‒ Let your teen express him or herself with eco-friendly, compact fluorescent lightbulbs available in a myriad of colors from red or blue to orange or black. They’re an easy way for your teen to change a ho-hum lamp into a bold, modern design.

    4. Green Paint ‒ Your teen doesn’t have to paint his or her room green in order to go green! He or she can choose from an unlimited rainbow of colors while using low- or no-VOC paint. And the standards keep improving; you and your older child can find paint with zero emissions and no harsh fumes, making it a safer paint for your teen, your family, and for the environment. Some paints are even certified “asthma and allergy friendly.”

When you’re working together on your teen’s green room, it’s a great time to share info on why you’re doing what you’re doing. Let them know more about your conservation endeavors so they can help out and better understand why need to continue taking care of our planet.

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