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How to throw an Eco-Friendly Bash for the 4th of July

How to throw an Eco-Friendly Bash for the 4th of July

Summer is a great time for get-togethers. The gorgeous weather plus the fact that the kids are out of school makes it an ideal time for a celebration. With the Fourth of July around the corner, the team at Modern Kids Design thought it would be a good idea brainstorm ideas and share some tips for hosting an eco-friendly party. So, here are a few tips to help you pick and choose what works for you to create your own Earth-friendly bash.

Set the Scene with Reusable Decorations

Any item you can reuse or repurpose can help make your party greener. Rather than purchasing throw away tablecloths, why not hit a thrift store for some inexpensive linens you can easily wash and reuse after the party? Turn some leftover glass jars into lovely flower vases or candle holders. If you need to purchase decorations, invest in ones you can reuse again.

Serve Local, In-Season Foods

Keep your menu focused on local, in-season foods to reduce their carbon footprint. With so many great foods in season, your summer bash can feature a smorgasbord of berries, grilled veggies, and more. Yum!

Want to make some special smoothies from your farmers market haul? Make it ahead of time and store them in glass jam jars. You can keep your jam jars in a cooler or bucket filled with ice for your guests to enjoy!

Reduce Waste When Possible

Nowadays, so many items come with excess packaging, from extra cardboard and shrinkwrap to convenience foods in individual wrappers. When possible, skip items that are individually packaged (or excessively packaged) and opt for those that will generate less waste.

Look for Compostable Cups, Plates, and Cutlery

If your party is too big for your normal dishware, look for compostable cups, plates, and cutlery made from things like sugar cane and corn. These items will break down in your compost pile and help make next year’s harvest a success!

Keep a permanent marker by the cups so guests can write their names on their cups, reducing confusion and possible waste.

 And, if your affair is small enough or, if you can swing it, pull out the dishes and use glasses!

Make it Easy to Recycle

Going to a party where everything goes in the trash can be a drag. Make it easy for your guest to recycle things likes cans and bottles by having one or two specially marked receptacles. Not only will it make you feel good, it will make your guests feel good too.

Freeze, Share, or Donate Leftovers

Be prepared to deal with possible leftovers. Ask your guests to take home what they will eat or freeze leftovers to use at a later time. Alternatively, you can check with a local food shelter to see if they have any need for particular items you may have overstocked on.

Do you have any eco-friendly party ideas? We’d love to hear them! Thanks for reading and, as always, feel free to email us and let us know what  you think, what you'd like to read about and, of course, what you'd like us to carry in the store. We 're happy to hear from you. Happy 4th!