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Brand Spotlight: Barn


At Modern Kids Design, we're always on the lookout for eco-friendly bags and are happy to have found Barn! Like the bags, the name itself is pretty cool,  but don't be fooled.  While it means "children" in Swedish, these bags are not just for parents.  Look closely, and you'll notice the sheer versatility.  A single bag can be used as a backpack, gym bag, diaper bag. or briefcase.  While we can easily see adding a laptop to this bag, we know many reading this post are parents who, in all honestly, think about including some toys in bags, and that's okay. It works! 

Getting the kids out of the house without forgetting something is hard enough, and add to that, juggling a couple bags and a baby carrier or stroller and you may find yourself frustrated before even leaving the house. Simplifying our routines. along with the right gear, can make parenting easier, and still allow us to live our (eco) values.

When it comes to diaper bags, too often, they have just one purpose — toting around kid essentials. Then, we have to carry another bag or two for our own things -- Think wallets to water bottles. When you’re just walking to the local park, this can be a bit much. Thankfully, Barn presents a modern solution which makes urban parenting a tad simpler.

So Much More Than a Diaper Bag

Barn’s tagline — So Much More Than a Diaper Bag — speaks volumes. While we tend to think of diaper bags as utilitarian and purpose specific, Barn has turned this notion on its head. Who says you can’t have a stylish diaper bag that you can also use for the gym or even work?

Barn bags are practical, useful, and beautifully designed. They are meant to be used for living, not just carrying emergency kid supplies (which in itself is very important, as any parent caught without an extra diaper or wipe will tell you).

In keeping with their urban parenting ideals, husband and wife design team Adam and Ai Su Bonnier, the same talented designers behind Miniware, have lovingly crafted a series of sustainably-minded, fashionable bags that check off all the boxes.

Made from eco-friendly vegan leather, Barn bags are extremely versatile and durable. The Knapp Fold and the Knapp Mini Fold function as expandable shoulder bags, totes, and backpacks, allowing parents to navigate their world as they wish with everything they need. The Knapp Fold and Knapp Mini Fold’s cool design makes it a joy to travel with as well. And its unisex styling and color options (black, navy, and gray) will work well for anyone, whether you’re inclined to take it to a film showing or haul your gym shoes.

Urban parenting can be challenging, but whether you're a city dweller or not, a durable bag that helps you get out of the house easily while still looking good is key for keeping you organized and prepared for whatever the day may bring.

Check back soon to see our lovely new lineup of Barn bags. And, as always, thanks for reading!