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Meet the Makers: Craft Street Design

Meet the Makers: Craft Street Design

As you know if you follow this blog, we are adding more  and more items for teens and adults at Modern Kids Design.  This week's Meet the Makers post features an inspirational print maker that we'd like to think creates prints for "kids of all ages." :-)  Read on to learn more about Indy Maker Craft Street Design and when you're done,  we challenge you to look at the prints and not smile. Their prints are lovely and inspiring and you will smile... We're sure of it :-)

The things you choose to display on your walls and shelves have an impact. Not only do they help illustrate your personality to visitors but they affect how you feel in your own home. Think about it. If every inch of wall space is covered with bright, busy paintings and prints, you may feel energized—or you may feel cluttered. It truly depends on the person. A more minimalist approach can be like a clean slate for your thoughts and life. The focus shifts from the walls to what’s happening within the room, allowing you to be more centered and focused. This can be especially useful in a work space or heavily utilized room like a living room. For example, a simple print from Craft Street Design can provide motivation and inspiration, all without detracting from what else is happening in the room. 

Craft Street Design focuses on sharing inspirational messages in seemingly simple ways. Using a variety of fonts and styles, founder Pratima Aravabhoomi shares quotes she has found that have moved her. After being in an arranged marriage that dashed her hopes for a different life and overcoming cultural mores to leave that marriage and start afresh, Pratima realized that words that resonated with her and helped steel her resolve as she began dreaming and crafting a new life could help others.

With Craft Street Design, Pratima aims to share encouragement, love, and happiness with others. Each print is first designed by hand, drawing on inspiration from typography, calligraphy, vintage drawings, and more, before it is digitized. The simple designs are deceptive, says Pratima, as each print takes 10-80 hours to create. All Craft Street Design items are made in the US.

In addition to helping individuals unlock their inspiration and motivation, Craft Street Design gives back. Five dollars of each print purchased is donated to, a nonprofit that helps women impacted by war by empowering them economically.

A Craft Street Design print makes a great gift, whether for yourself or someone in your life who could use a pick me up. With various sizes available, a Craft Street Design print can easily fit on a bookshelf nestled up to your favorite reads or be the focal point of a wall. The choice is entirely yours.

Take a look at the different Craft Street Design prints available, and, as always, feel free to let us know what you think of what we are offering and what you'd like us to carry. Thanks for reading!