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Meet the Makers: Paperthinks Adds Color

Meet the Makers: Paperthinks Adds Color

If you've spent time in our store and on the blog, you already know that Eco-friendly products can be as beautiful as they are practical. This week. we continue our Meet the Makers series at Modern Kids Design with an accessories brand we'd like to introduce called Paperthinks. Their bags are colorful, stylish, eye-catching and, of course, earth friendly.  We've had a lot of requests for products for adults so we are now beginning to introduce them. Recently, we shared a few accessories for men and today we are beginning to share them for women. If curious, read more to learn about Paperthinks and let us know what you think! :-)

Paperthinks: Bringing Recycled Leather to Life

Started by a husband and wife team, Paperthinks creates notebooks, handbags, and accessories from recycled leather. That’s right, recycled leather.

It all started with the quest for a great notebook—but not just any notebook. Joey Yu wanted a notebook that was stylish and eco-friendly. She searched and searched and got Aron in on her quest, but she was unable to find anything on the market that truly met her needs. The couple decided to make their own eco-friendly journals to fill this need in the marketplace and Paperthinks was born. And, if you haven't guessed, they’ve expanded into handbags and accessories such as coin purses, cosmetic bags, travel wallets, and more.

Aron and Joey Yu believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your style to be eco-friendly. Paperthinks takes two concepts and joins them together to create fun, unique goods: “Think Green” and “Think Color.”

In keeping with their “Think Green” tenet, all Paperthinks items are made from recycled leather. To make their recycled leather goods, the company collects leather scraps—those pieces that would generally end up in a landfill—and then grind them up. The leather is then processed back into sheet form and coated in bright, vibrant colors that make you want to collect them all.

Benefits of Recycled Leather

The process that Paperthinks uses to create their gorgeous items produces a recycled leather that is similar to the leather most are accustom to in both look and feel, though it’s less expensive, easier to clean, and more durable. Plus, Paperthinks’ lamination process means that no tanning chemicals are used to color the leather. Add to this the fact that the whole process helps reduce discarded materials going into landfills and it’s clear that a Paperthinks purse is something you can feel good about. That alone is a winning combination!

Colors that Pop

And the colors! Paperthinks offers so many colors—from teal to mustard to pink to burgundy—you can choose an a tote, handbag, or coin purse that truly represents you.

Paperthinks’ ingenuity shows that quality design and eco-friendly principles can go hand and hand to create unique, fun items.

So, we gotta know, which is your favorite color? Feel free to connect! Let us know what you think, what you'd like to read about and, of course, what you'd like us to bring in the store. You can always reach us at info@modernkidsdesign. Thanks for reading!