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Meet the Makers - Milestone Cards

Meet the Makers - Milestone Cards

In this edition of Meet the Makers, we want to introduce you to the creator of a gift set that will help you and those close to you celebrate all of your baby’s firsts and preserve those memories for a lifetime. Meet Milestone, the creator of  The Milestone Baby Card Gift Set.

What Are Milestone Baby Cards?

In the rush of modern life, the life milestones of your baby can fly by before you know it. For example, the first time your baby stood up on his or her own, or revealed that first tooth. These are moments that will never come again and should be celebrated. The Milestone Baby Cards are beautifully designed and illustrated cards that will help you capture all of those special moments as your baby grows and reaches memorable milestones.

The Maker

When she was first starting out, the creator of the Milestone Baby Cards, Gemma Broekhuis, only wanted to create a visual memento of the first time her son rolled over. She designed her very first baby card, wrote the date on it, took a photo of her baby with the card, and that is how the Milestone Baby Cards story began. Like many makers, she began by doing just that -- beginning by taking that first step! Once Gemma started to document other key moments of her baby’s life with her cards, she realized that other parents might enjoy doing the same and positive feedback supported that instinct. Now only a few short years later, her cards are loved by many and sold in over 40 countries in 22 different languages.

Celebrate Your Memories

The cards are fun and easy to use. Whenever your baby has a special milestone in his or her life, you simply take the appropriate card, write the date on it, and take a photo. Once that photo has been printed off, you simply slip it inside the card. Now you have a wonderful memory that you can take out to enjoy whenever you wish.

The cards are also a wonderful way to share these memories with family and friends who live far away. Now, they too can feel as though they are part of these special moments. A great way of connecting is by sending them a Milestone card, illustrating the event so they too can share in the joy of seeing your baby reach memorable milestones.

In the Milestone Baby Card Gift Set, you will get over 20 milestone cards, including one of the first smiles, that first tooth, and first birthday. And, if you don't have a little one of your own, these cards are the perfect gift for any expecting or new parents in your life.  As always, feel free to reach out with feedback and thanks for reading!