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Meet the Makers: Miniware

Meet the Makers: Miniware

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t mean you have to give up on style. There are so many amazing makers who marry good design with eco-friendly processes. This week, at Modern Kids Design, we want to feature Miniware, a company committed to beautiful, sustainable products. With gorgeous modern touches and eco-conscious sensibilities, Miniware helps your mini-me eat in style.

Introducing Miniware: Tableware to Grow With

As parents, we quickly go through baby products. Baby onesies are replaced every few months as children grow. Bedding and toys may also need to be upgraded. But we don’t tend to think about children’s tableware. From sippy cups to toddler cutlery, there are plenty of smaller-sized items needed to help children eat comfortably and to learn to feed themselves.

Dismayed by the plastic tableware for children that seemed to be outgrown too quickly, Miniware designers Adam and Ai Su Bonner introduced a solution. By combining their stylistic vision with eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, recycled bamboo, veggie starch, food-grade silicone, and natural pigments, they’ve created a unique dinnerware system.

About the Miniware Collection

Miniware “grows” with your child. The various components of the collection can be used for many years. Sculpted for small hands and made from sustainable materials, the Miniware collection features simple, modern designs and a neutral color palette that is sure to be at home in any kitchen. Plus, to make life a tad easier, Miniware is dishwasher safe.

Miniware features both bamboo fiber and bamboo cutlery with special notches to keep the cutlery from slipping into bowls. There is also a food-grade silicone spoon for teething children.

Miniware makes three plate/bowl options: a sandwich plate with a divider add-on, a cereal bowl, and a snack bowl. The suction cup that is affixed to the bottom of the bowls or plates keeps them from sliding around the table, making it easier for your young child to self-feed. What a great way to start building some independence!

We love the versatility of the Miniware options. Some sets even feature a handy travel bag so you can take your cutlery to grandma’s house or a restaurant! Perfect for summer travel, as well.

When it comes to raising children, we’re lucky to have more eco-friendly options to choose from. In addition, with cool makers like Miniware, we’re able to imbue style and practicality, while still protecting planet Earth. Plus, once your little one has outgrown Miniware, the bamboo-based plates, cups, bowls, and cutlery can be composted or donated. Awesome! 

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