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Meet the Makers – SoYoung

Meet the Makers – SoYoung

This week on the blog, we return to our Meet the Makers series and spotlight SoYoung. Based in Toronto,  SoYoung, Inc. was founded by Catherine Choi in 2006. They make beautiful lifestyle bags for the modern family.

What Does SoYoung Do?

Many people think of SoYoung for their backpacks. In addition, they also have a line of lunch bags and insulated cooler bags in sizes and designs that are great for kids and for adults. Regardless of what they make, their designs are known to be both functional and good looking. And many have also commented to say that they like how their bags are modern yet retro, which is not easy to achieve!

SoYoung is also known for its diaper bags because they are appealing to both men and women. All busy parents know what it’s like to have to juggle a wriggling baby in one arm while trying to fish diapers out of a cluttered bag with the other. SoYoung creates stylish and functional diaper bags that help with organization and addresses this problem…beautifully. And, again, a great feature is that the diaper bags are unisex. With easy to open storage compartments and pockets for everything from your wallet to your laptop, these bags aim to simplify the life of parents by holding everything you would ever need for a day at the playground and/or at work.

The Maker

A fun fact, SoYoung is actually Catherine's Korean name. While she is from the fashionable city of Montreal Catherine, didn’t begin her career as a designer. Before starting SoYoung, she worked in finance. Despite this, she felt somehow unfulfilled. Taking a step into the unknown, Catherine left her job and started to explore her interests, to find work that really resonated with her. After having her first child, Noah, she found it. Designing her first diaper bag in 2006, Catherine then threw herself into this new world of design, creating lifestyle bags and accessories for families. Since then, she has expanded the reach of her business, selling her products in stores throughout North America. And we are very happy to be counted among them!

Designed for YOUR Family

One of the things we love about SoYoung is that they really do strive to design functional and beautiful bags for the entire family. Their line of backpacks, sold here at Modern Kids Design, are sturdy and stylish, with designs ranging from crazy robots to adorable fawns. The cooler bags, perfect for kids, are also great for parents . And, for parents of small children who need to carry bottles, juice boxes, or other drinks and snacks, SoYoung has great smaller cooler bags as well that will keep everything nice and chilly for hours on end. To be honest, the small bags are nice for adults too. :-)

SoYoung aims to create beautifully designed products using natural fabrics and without the usual branding of licensed characters or generic prints. We think they’ve done a great job and see why they have a following. We love natural materials and their story and hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about them as well. As always, thanks for reading!