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Natural Skin Care is Not Just for Kids + Meet the Makers: Boomer & Co.

Natural Skin Care is Not Just for Kids + Meet the Makers: Boomer & Co.

This week at Modern Kids Design we return to our Meet the Makers series with a twist. We talk about natural skin care and spotlight a skin care line we  are now carrying for men by Boomer & Co. We don't want dads and the men in our lives to feel left out.  :-) When comes to caring for kids, we often choose to buy them natural products and items with minimal processing. From organic milk to natural lotions and shampoos, we do our best to minimize the different chemicals our children may come in contact with over time. And while we may be vigilant parents, we don’t always give ourselves the same kind of care. Let’s be honest, sometimes we’re a little too busy to make time to take care of ourselves in the same way we care for our kids. Thankfully, with companies like Boomer & Co., taking care of yourself doesn’t have to take up more time. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to shopping for natural skincare products.

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Picking Natural Skincare Products

Not Everything is Regulated

“Eco-friendly,” “for sensitive skin,” “dermatologist approved”—these claims aren’t regulated by a government agency. Rather than relying on what a company might say about itself (i.e.buying the hype), take a look at the actual ingredients a product contains. Organic ingredients are often noted and those products with enough organic ingredients can claim the organic label, but that won’t stop others from slapping similar sounding labels on their packaging. Understand that claims of “hypoallergenic” and “natural” have not been tested by a third party and start learning more about the ingredients that go into your favorite products and what they do.

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Just as a rose by any other name would still smell sweet, a dangerous chemical or byproduct by any other name still stinks. One way manufacturers hide what is in their products is by using different names. You’ve likely seen this on food labels where sugar is snuck into products under a variety of different names. The same thing happens with skincare products, where petroleum jelly becomes petrolatum and paraffinum liquidum masquerades as mineral oil. (And while mineral oil may sound nice, it’s actually a petroleum byproduct.)

Look for Fragrances and Preservatives

The two things that often lead to irritation in sensitive individuals are fragrance and preservatives. When these are heavily used in the lotions, creams, and body washes we use on our skin, it can cause trouble. Products that derive their scents from essential oils will naturally have fewer phthalate, which are rife in artificial fragrances. And those parabens you’ve heard all those nasty things about? Those are preservatives to extend shelf life and are unnecessary.

Skin Deep Can Help You Research

Not sure about an ingredient? Search through the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep system to find out whether it’s something you want to put on your body. A quick search for an ingredient will tell you how hazardous it is and how it may affect you. For example, a search for mineral oil will tell you that it has a low to moderate hazard rating and that it may be an allergen. This simple search could save you from a negative reaction to an unknown ingredient.

At Modern Kids Design, we believe in using natural products whenever possible. We carry Yuzu Soap, mooi lab products, and Good for You Girls skincare products for women and kids. We recently began carrying Boomer & Co. shaving soaps, beard oil, body wash, and deodorant so dads can safely pamper themselves too.

Meet the Makers: Boomer & Co.

When it comes to natural skincare products, the ladies often have their choice. Lavender and grapefruit soaps and oils, tea scented body washes, natural bath bombs… Guys, on the other hand, haven’t been so lucky. While the industrial complex has begun branding body washes for male use, those  bottles often contain the same unnatural ingredients as other similarly bottled friends. Finding natural ingredients in scents and combinations that appealed to men was difficult. Enter Boomer & Co. After turning a rough morning into a good one, its founder got an idea for a skin care line for men that smells great.

Boomer & Co. focuses on all natural, handmade products that men want to use. With simple scents (fresh mint, citrus) and more complex profiles (cedar and sage, for example), Boomer & Co. offers men a simpler, gentler grooming experience that is in line with their eco-friendly life goals. We love that they use organic ingredients, no aluminum, sulfates or parabens and the products are vegan-friendly. Pretty cool, right? Their products are also made in the U.S.A.

We are proud to carry Boomer & Co. shaving soaps, beard oils, deodorants, after shaves, and body washes to help the men out there clean out the toxic skincare products currently clogging their side of the sink. Which scent do you like best? As always, feel free to reach out to us and let us know what you think and what you'd like us to carry at Thanks for reading!