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New Year, New You...

New Year, New You...

You can make new resolutions or intentions at any time but, for many of us, there’s something special about trying something new early in the year when we have a clean slate. The new year is like the promise of opportunities and it’s a wonderful time to set positive intentions for yourself for the coming months. A couple of us on the team at Modern Kids Design have brainstormed a few ideas to get you started...

Healthy Eating

Considering a healthy eating resolution? Think about adding more gut-friendly food to your diet or incorporating a biweekly family cooking session.

For gut-friendly foods, look to fiber, fermented foods, and probiotics or probiotics. Thinking about getting everyone involved in cooking? Make some healthy favorites by divvying up the prep work. It’s a great way to pass on recipes and to teach your kids about healthy eating. To make it routine, choose a date (like the first Sunday of the month) and be consistent!

Mind, Body, Spirit

Looking to reconnect with yourself, curb stress, or find more balance in your life? Make a Mind, Body, Spirit resolution! Whether you want to develop or commit to maintaining a meditation practice, go to more yoga classes, or just connect more deeply with your loved ones, focusing on your Mind, Body, Spirit is a great investment into yourself and your future. It can benefit other areas of your life and help you live more happily and joyfully.

If you’re aiming to start a new activity, like taking up meditation, make sure to put yourself on your schedule to do so. It also helps to do it at the beginning of your day. This will make it hard to skip and make it more likely that you’ll stick with it.

Natural Living

Did you know the things we surround ourselves with or keep in our homes can have an impact on our health and how we feel? Why not try introducing some natural cleaners and eliminating potential toxins from your home?

Consider taking a look at what's in the cabinets and consider evicting toxic cleaning products and replacing them with natural, green cleaners. More stores are carrying such plant-based cleaning products. Alternatively, you can make your own!

The Environment

What about setting intentions when it comes to the environment? We realize there are many areas to consider when it comes to the environment. You may want to think about which ones you might be interesting in learning more about and supporting this year. Here are some ideas.

Climate change seems to have been featured in the news more over the past few months. With the impact being felt all over the world, it’s important that we start connecting our daily actions to their ecological consequences. There are many nonprofits doing innovative work in this area and it could be fun to find ways to get involved along with them. 

Recently, there has been more reported about the negative impact that plastic is having on our environment, particularly since it is heavily polluting our oceans. By resolving to use fewer one-time use plastics, you can have a big impact on the environment—and encourage companies to find better packing solutions. The easiest way to do this is to say goodbye to plastic water bottles, plastic straws, and plastic bags and welcome more reusable items into your home (and purse). It’s easy to carry a stylish glass, or steel water bottle to stay hydrated for example. 

Set Smaller Intentions

Not sure where to start? Rather than setting some large resolutions, why not set small monthly intentions? For example, resolve to add one new healthy food item to your diet a month, and do the same in each area - mind, body, and spirit, and even set an intention when it comes to your commitment to the environment. Track your progress in a personal journal or share with friends for some accountability!

Remember, there’s no mistakes.... Every step you take on your journey is one of growth. Simply, point yourself in the right direction that feels right for you. And before you know it, you'll have a new plan based on new intentions and a new you! 

As always, thanks for reading and, of course, Happy New Year!