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Self-Care: 3 Powerful Benefits (+ How To Do It Daily)

Self-Care: 3 Powerful Benefits (+ How To Do It Daily)

September is National Self-Care Awareness Month! So this month, the team at Modern Kids Design is celebrating and creating space for a little “me time” and we invite you to do the same!

Maybe you feel like you don't have time for self-care. You might even feel like it would be selfish to indulge in it...

But the truth is, self-care doesn't have to take more than 5-10 minutes per day…and if it's done right, it's anything but selfish!

In this post, you'll learn three compelling reasons to practice self-care daily, plus a few quick ways to fit it into your busy schedule with ease...

Benefits of Self-Care

1. Nurtures Self-Esteem

When you choose to care for yourself instead of acting like it doesn't matter, it sends a strong signal to your subconscious. It tells your brain that you’re worth it and that, yup, you are worthy.

That proof adds up. Regular self-care gradually improves  self-esteem and shows you how valuable you really are.  And even if you feel your self-esteem is already awesome, we all have ups and downs, that's normal, and we can all benefit from shoring it up every now and then. And when we feel good, there is a ripple affect that benefits our love ones and all those around us. It's a win for everyone.

2. Reduces Stress

Stress is linked to many things including aging, disease, depression and most commonly the increasingly varied demands of everyday it's critical to keep your stress as low as possible.

Self-care activities tend to be relaxing and help you unwind from the stress of daily life. Relaxation also helps your body heal and digest properly.

3. More Capacity For Others

When you're feeling run down, stressed, and don't have a whole lot left in the tank to give to others.

But when you're feeling relaxed and replenished from caring for yourself, you naturally overflow with love, empathy and compassion.

Quick Ways To Practice Self-Care

1. On-The-Go Meditation

This easy meditation is a powerful tool you can use to calm your mind and remove stress and you can benefit even if you only have just a few minutes to practice. Really,  it is something that can be done anytime, any place:

One way to begin is to close your eyes and simply listen to the sounds around you.  Thoughts will pop up and that's okay, just gently return your focus to the sounds. Another option is to focus on your breathing. Again, you can begin by setting aside a few minutes a day. Simply, carve out the time to sit and settle your mind for five minutes. There is no one right way to do this, so don't stress over getting it right, just do it and see what happens....

2. Take a Short Walk

Step outside and enjoy some fresh air. Watch the birds soar and the trees sway in the breeze.

You can do this on your work break, or while walking the dog in the morning or evening. Walks are a great way to find a few moments of peace throughout your day. Movement works wonders.

3. Treat Yourself, Guilt-Free

Create the space. Carve out the time for yourself. Put some guilt-free time on the calendar and read a book, get your nails done, cook your favorite meal…whatever helps you tap into that awesome sensation of feeling special and cared for.

And, again, leave the guilt behind - you're doing this to replenish, show yourself some love, and ultimately you’ll have more to give!

Make Self-Care a Habit

Self-care can be anything that's good for you, just remember to fit it in daily in order to reap the long-term rewards. 

That's it for now. As always, thanks for reading and...

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