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Spring into Spring  - 5 Reasons to Go Green

Spring into Spring - 5 Reasons to Go Green

This week at Modern Kids Design, we're thinking about Spring and sustainable living. There are many reasons to strive for a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle, and none of them is more “correct” or important than another. What’s important is that we find ways to connect to a green lifestyle and create a system that works for us and our families. For some people, that may include spending time outdoors with our friends and family or focusing on local food and always having a reusable bag handy, while for others, it may mean going solar and installing a greywater system. The changes that will have a lasting impact are the ones that you can commit to making a regular part of your life. Start small and use these great reasons to go green or to build and encourage your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Save Money

Saving money is an oft-cited reason to go green, so we thought we’d start off with it. Often, reduced costs are a byproduct of going green. While it may be cited by as a good reason, it’s actually not the most common reason people go green, though it’s a great side effect. By purchasing ENERGY STAR appliances that use less energy and water for things like washing clothes or dishes, you can also reduce your utility bills. Going solar or using wind power may also have the same effect. Those savings can then be put towards other green actions like purchasing other green appliances or yummy organic treats.

It’s Good For You

Going green is good for you! Eating local and organic foods is a great way to support your local economy and cut down on the emissions it takes to transport food around the world. Plus, fewer processed foods means less energy waste in food production—and more yummy whole foods for you. It’s a healthier, natural way of eating that can help spark good habits in little ones and help you in your health goals.

Breathe More Easily

In addition to a “green” diet, focusing on sustainable actions and choosing products without harmful toxins can help you breathe more easily—literally. Our energy and fuel use greatly impacts our air quality. Even our indoor air quality—that air that you’re probably inhaling right now—is affected by the cleaners and items we use in our homes. It may be possible to reduce asthma by cleaning up urban air. On a smaller scale, we can focus on air-borne toxins in our homes and create a safer, healthier environment for our families. Use natural, plant-based cleaning products when possible and if you’re a fan of candles, opt for soy candles.

Curb Climate Change

Climate change is scary. While scientists can posit what may happen in 10 to 50 years because of climate change, the truth is we don’t know how quickly many effects will set in. We are already seeing an increase in dangerous storms and melting ice at the polar caps. At the same time, we are consistently being given guidance regarding what we can do as individuals and as a country to help reduce those effects. Going green is a natural extension of this. The actions most commonly shared for reducing one’s carbon footprints are all green actions such as using reusable bags, carpooling, conserving water, etc. It may seem like the onus is on the industrial sector, but our actions can have an impact—especially when combined!

1 Planet

Ultimately, the biggest reason (size-wise) to go green is that we have one planet. One planet for 7 billion people to share. One planet for our children to inherit. It’s a pretty big responsibility, but thankfully, we can each do our part to take care of Mother Earth and to teach our children the importance of green living. Today’s kids are taking to social activism like never before, from fighting to protect wildlife to helping feed the hungry and provide necessities to the poor. They’re a wonderful, loving generation that we have the pleasure of raising. Let’s support them in their quest for a better tomorrow by handing over a healthy planet.

There are plenty of reasons to consider going green this season or up your game if you already are pretty green. :-)  What’s yours? As always, thanks for reading and feel free to reach out at if you have feedback or want to suggest topics for future posts. And, if you are curious about the picture this week, we took it in Yosemite. Happy Spring!