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Taking Building Blocks to New Heights with Tegu

Taking Building Blocks to New Heights with Tegu

We're wrapping up this week at Modern Kids Design with part two of a post from our blog archives on Tegu. There’s a great sense of accomplishment when you’re able to stack building blocks to create a tower. Imagine the sense of wonder, then, when you can use wooden blocks to construct bridges, giraffes, houses, and robots. That’s the fun of  Tegu—magnetic wooden blocks that really expand building possibilities, all while keeping it eco-friendly.

At Modern Kids Design, we love Tegu—their sleek style, their portability, and the potential bound up in each set. It’s a great way to get kids stacking and building. Not only do we enjoy the blocks, but we’re excited to support such a fantastic company.

Boundless Play

Tegu believes in supporting the creativity of children through play, and not just any type of play time. Tegu focuses on “boundless play.”

Our children are busy, they have school and play groups, chores and sports, etc. Children have less time to play without direction (i.e. without a parent, teacher, or coach telling them how to play) than they used to. In addition, many toys have specific purposes and their uses are limited.

Tegu blocks can be used to make anything, limited only by the imagination of the builder. Not only can you stack them and shape them, but you can use them for pattern recognition and problem solving, too! The goal of Tegu blocks is to create a space for children to use their imaginations and return to the work of imaginative play.

Socially Responsible and Sustainable

Tegu was founded by Chris and Will Haughey as a for-profit company that works for social good. Their factory is located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where the pair is committed to bringing fair employment practices and development to Central America.

Tegu’s blocks are designed to work together and use sustainable wood purchased from cooperatives. Some blocks feature beautiful colors that are achieved through water-based paints. Tegu blocks are made from non-toxic materials and the magnets are embedded deep inside each piece.

Tegu’s support of sustainable practices and their commitment to creating a socially responsible business is one of the reasons we’re so happy to write about them and feature them on our website.

Tegu blocks aren’t just fun for kids. You’ll probably end up building alongside the kids with these fun, colorful magnetized blocks! We love these blocks from Tegu and are excited to see what they come up with next!

Okay, that's it for this week. As always, thanks for reading!