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Meet The Makers - The Many Reason to Love Nook

Meet The Makers - The Many Reason to Love Nook

Today in our Meet the Makers series, we continue the story of Nook. If you haven’t yet been introduced to the world of Nook Sleep Systems, you’ve been missing out on one of the best sustainable bedding and homewares companies out there. New parents always want to know which items for babies and toddlers are worth investing in, and which they should just get second-hand from family and friends. Here at Modern Kids Design, we’re on board with reusing items in different areas for kids, but there are some things that we think really are worth getting new...

Whether your kids are babies, toddlers or teens or somewhere in between, bedding is one of those categories, as so many advances have been made in recent years that will keep your kids healthy and happy. Nook’s products incorporate all sorts of these improvements.

The Many Benefits of Nook
Nook makes everything from pillows, sheets, and blankets to various furniture items for your nursery and beyond. Their fun colored, richly textured, beautifully modern designs are not just for cribs—in addition to crib sheets being able to be used later for toddler beds, these creations can be incorporated into any home decorating project and used by the whole family.

Nook’s products are healthy for your child, healthy for the planet, and made to such a high standard of quality that they will stand the test of time. Nook creates bedding and furniture that last well past the toddler stage for your growing family, and will be favorite snuggly buddies for years to come.

More Reasons to Love Nook Bedding

  • Nook is breathable. Their pillows and mattresses are built specially to maximize breathability and airflow, for the safest, healthiest sleep. Babies can even breath right through their mattress, reducing the risk of SIDS.
  • Nook is hypoallergenic. Made from natural, organic fibers, Nook’s bedding is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, ensuring your kids will be comfortable while sleeping. Even their packaging meets these standards!
  • Nook is sustainable. Their company focuses on keeping things green, by using recycled materials where possible in both products and packaging.

Nook Will Transform the Way Your Kid Sleeps
Besides the amazing breathability of their bedding, Nook also focuses on comfort. Their designs are made to cradle and support growing bodies. Their naturally wicking fabrics help keep your kids dry and allow maintenance of a constant body temperature. It’s no surprise that sleeping comfortably means your kids will sleep longer and more soundly—music to many parents’ ears, right? And, if you didn't realize it already, they make mattresses that range in size, so babies and little one's aren't the only ones who can benefit.

Nook Will Make Your Family Happy
Besides everyone getting a bit more sleep, Nook’s clever designs make their products useful in many ways every day. The feeding pillow doubles as a support for growing, exploring little ones who are starting to look around their world, or for your sore neck. Their clever “pouf” can be an ottoman for your teen, chair or small table for your "tween", not to mention a climbing place for your little gymnasts or a soft and safe support for even littler adventurers just taking their first steps. And then, of course, there is the body pillow for older kids or, better yet, for you!

The bright colors and fun “pebbled” textures on Nook products look great in any room, and are made from easy to clean materials, so you spend less time fussing over spilled milk. If that doesn’t make a parent happy, what will? lol For all these reasons, and so many more, we think you’ll love Nook, and wonder how you ever got by without them. We’re devoted Nooksters, and hope you will check them out and become one, too! As always, thanks for reading and, if you'd like to read more about them, we did an earlier post which can be found in our blog archives. :-)