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16 Creative Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

16 Creative Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

The holiday season is so many things:  exciting, joyful, heartwarming—and sometimes challenging. Our gift roundup is designed to give you some creative gift ideas so you can start crossing a few more things off your list and start focus on enjoying the season.  In this post we do a "mini" Meet the Makers write-up where we tell you a little bit about each new brand we are carrying this season. Be sure to click on the colorful links because these Natural and Eco gifts are as lovely as they are functional. :-)

Great Gifts for Those with Babies and Toddlers

Mezoome Designs creates organic bedding and baby products. Their eco-friendly products feature AZO free dyes and water-based inks. Plus, Mezoome Designs focuses on fair labor practices. Not only are their cool sheets and playmats safe for kids to lay their sweet their heads on but you can feel good supporting a company that cares about the environment and their employees.

Maayan, the mom behind the cool Mezoome Designs, creates fun characters in a slew of exciting colors. She understands that style doesn’t end with parenthood. Beautiful designs and quality materials are brought together in each Mezoome piece, making them great for gift giving.

Organic Pocket Blanket/Burp Cloth

Carting around a lot of baby stuff is hard, and the possibility that something will get left behind is high. Mezoome Designs makes leaving home with a baby just a tad easier with this cute organic pocket blanket that can also be used as a burp cloth or sun shade. When you’re done, simply stow it in the attached pouch.


Pink Gift Set: Crib Sheet, Blanket & Pocket Blanket

This sweet gift set is sure to help lull baby to sleep. Made from organic cotton and packaged with the previously mentioned pocket blanket, it gives parents one less thing to think about.

Mezoome Removable Wall Decals

Mezoome Designs’ adorable characters are ready for the big time! These colorful wall decals are home in the bedroom or even the bathroom (they’re water resistant!). Made from high-quality vinyl and water-based paints, the Mezoome gang is ready to spark imaginations.

Organic Minimal Print Kids Nap Mat

These unisex nap mats are ready to help a child get some z’s, whether they’re camped in the living room or at daycare. Made with 100% organic cotton and pillow stuffed with synthetic filling, this nap mat is machine washable, making cleaning it a breeze.


Cool Gifts for Kids & Teens

We love products with a purpose and Night Light certainly has a worthy one (two, really). Evy Weisberg’s imagination was sparked during a dark Norway winter. She lived near a school and often saw the students heading into class and leaving the school in the dark because of the short days. The reflective clothing that would keep them safe wasn’t stylish and many wouldn’t wear it. “Surely there had to be a way to have clothes that looked good but also made you visible,” she thought.

Night Light Clothes fits the bill perfectly. In addition to protecting kids everywhere during darker days of winter, Night Light Clothes, which is run by Evy and her husband.

Reflective Computer Bag

Your teen will be proud to be seen with this reflective laptop bag. Not only is it functional, the two-tone design is pretty cool. A 15” laptop can safely be stored and a number of pockets will help tote other necessary supplies.

Reflective Knitted Backpack in Pink

Designed for school-aged kids, this fun Reflective Knitted Backpack comes in pink and blue. Featuring vegan “leather” for the top and straps, every bit of this bag has some reflective fabric. This bag is so cute, kids won’t mind being seen in the dark or the light.

Reflective Tote in Picante

Every bit of this bag was thoughtfully designed, from the dyed leather and reflective vegan leather to the metal feet on the bottom that help to keep this bag upright. What teen wouldn’t love to carry around a stylish bag to the movies or Friday night’s football game?

Adult Reflective Knit Hat with Earflaps

Knit with a mix of reflective material and acrylic and lined with fleece, this warm hat will keep a teen’s ears warm all winter. The simple cable design is stylish, while the ear flaps add a touch of whimsy.


Thoughtful Gifts for Men

Isaac Childs is a wanderer, an experienced traveler and explorer. When he first started his journey abroad, he wrote frequently in one of the five journals he’d brought with him. As he continued to travel, the journals began showing wear and falling apart. Annoyed by the lack of workmanship, Isaac decided to craft his own journals.

Together with some trusted friends, Isaac runs Rustico. The company is dedicated to living authentically and to creating useful products that are stylish, hardwearing, and ready to go wherever your heart takes you. Every piece is handmade to ensure quality.

Writer’s Log Small Leather Notebook

Measuring 5.25” by 6.75”, this log can easily be carted anywhere. Lined, cream-colored pages are wrapped in a beautiful piece of leather, which comes in a variety of colors to match the recipient’s personality. The entire notebook is handcrafted and ready for the recipient to leave their mark—whether it’s in the form of a story or a recollection.

On The Green Gift Set

This leather gift set is a hole-in-one with golfers. A leather-wrapped golf log paired with a matching money clip that can be engraved, all in a nice drawstring pouch are a thoughtful touch for someone looking to up their game.

 Men's Everyday Carry Gift Set

 Every guy needs a simple wallet, and a Rustico wallet fits the bill perfectly. This handmade leather wallet comes with a matching keychain and split band bracelet and comes in multiple colors. Packaged in a drawstring canvas bag, this set is ready for gifting.

Artist’s Favorite Gift Set

This large notebook is handmade from quality leather and paper and is just begging to be doodled, sketched, and drawn in. Packaged in a lovely wooden box and paired with a leather pouch and Prismacolor colored pencils, it’s the perfect gift for the aspiring artist or someone that just has to draw on everything.


Stylish Gifts for Women

GUNAS New York marries high fashion with ethics. Conceived by designer Sugandh G. Agrawal, GUNAS features gorgeously crafted goods that are vegan-friendly.

Made using ethical manufacturers, GUNAS aims to showcase that values and fashion can go hand in hand. Their values of justice, empathy, and compassion propel the brand forward and shapes everything they do. Think of it as kind, eco-friendly fashion!

Cottontail Bag

This eco-friendly bag isn’t just adorable—it’s versatile, too. Featuring a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap and two internal zippers, Cottontail is made from vegan textured eco polyurethane that comes in a variety of colors. The lining on this sweet bag is made from recycled plastic bottles and the hardware is recycled metal with an 18k gold plating. Named for a species of rabbit that is near extinction, this bag serves as a reminder of the bunny tales that used to soothe us to sleep.

Cougar Quilted

This stylish backpack is read to cart around your valuables, whether you’re headed on a day trip or the gym. Made from eco-friendly “vegan” polyurethane, recycled metal hardware with 18k gold plating, and featuring a lining crafted from recycled plastic bottles, the Cougar Quilted makes a great gift for the woman on the go.


Named for the endangered crabs, Hermit is a stylish handbag that is ready to go. The red and black varieties feature a textured pattern that is reminiscent of crocodile skin, while the gorgeous navy Hermit features eye-catching tan and brown accents. With so many options, there’s a Hermit bag for every woman.


This graceful bag was designed with style icon Grace Kelly in mind. Featuring a lovely bow meant to bring a smile to one’s face, the small bag is easy to carry around thanks to an adjustable shoulder strap that can be detached and a detachable wrist strap. Lined with cotton twill and featuring 24-karat gold plated hardware, every piece of this bag sparks joy.

We hope you loved these gift ideas as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing them! If you still haven’t found that perfect “something”, check out the gift sections in our store for more creative gift ideas or revisit some of our past Meet the Makers blog posts (like Boomer & Co and Affirmats)! Feel free to reach out if you have questions or suggestions and, as always, thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!