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3 Experience Gift Ideas for Mother's Day!

3 Experience Gift Ideas for Mother's Day!

As you know, we're always thinking of ways to green the holidays. So, this week at Modern Kids Design, we're also thinking about Mother Earth as  we prepare for Mother's Day.  When you’re thinking about what to get mom or what to help your kids get you :- )  for Mother’s Day, you may want to  consider an “experience gift” that can be shared with the whole family. Here is are few ides for inspiration...

Find a hiking trail or wildlife reserve and spend some quality time with mom. Not only does the family benefit from healthy exercise, but you can also discuss local conservation efforts and what it means for your family and your community. Some local conservation centers even offer walking tours that will introduce the family to the local fauna and flora and detail their efforts to protect green spaces.

Help Mom tend the garden. Keep her flowers blooming and her vegetables growing. Planting and tending a garden together is a great way to learn about how we can nourish the earth and how it can nourish us. Potted plants are also a wonderful gift as they’ll last longer than a bouquet and can be kept indoors or outside. Even consider a potted herb to add a little spice to Mom’s life. 

And if mom doesn't have a garden, you may want to help her create one! For ideas, check out one of our earlier Mother's Day posts on how to create a container garden!


Cook Together. Try a new recipe or prepare a meal together as a family. If possible, consider ordering food online in advance from local food shops and have everyone pitch in to help get it prepared for the communal table. It’s amazing to see the variety of produce grown locally and it's great to support the people who have put in time and love to grow the crops that nourish and sustain us.

If you’re still planning on going the traditional card and flower and breakfast in bed route (which we love), consider selecting a card made from recycled paper, organically grown flowers and (again) locally produced food (as right now it feels particularly good to do what we can to keep our local economy going).  Here at Modern Kids Design, we know it can be hard to find that perfect gift. Hopefully these earth-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas can help you wow Mom.  Not only is Mom worth it, but so is Mother Earth. As always, thanks for reading, stay safe and Happy Mother’s Day!