Healthy Meal Set - Cherry Blossom + Lavender

Healthy Meal Set - Cherry Blossom + Lavender

Do you have a little one who wants everything in just the right place? Do you like to compose a balanced meal with several side dishes? The Smart Divider Set is your perfect combo

This set includes

Sandwich Plate x 1

Smart Suction Foot x 1

Smart Divider x 1

Reasons we love it:

Detachable suction foot that grows with your family

Promotes self-feeding

Made with 100% natural materials

Modern & simple design

Easy to stack and store

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe Editors Pick and Ministyle Blog Approved


Sandwich Plate / 40% Bamboo Fiber+ 40% Vege Starch + 20% Emulsion

Divider/ 100% Food grade silicone

Suction Foot/ 100% Food grade silicone + PP Secure disk


Package box / 9.4"x 8.6"x 2"


With Package 1.2 lbs